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Do I require planning permission for my Garden Room?

In most cases, planning permission is not required. If you live in a listed building then you will certainly need permission but otherwise it is highly unlikely. Our teams are experts with regards to permissions and can advise you accordingly and take care of the process.

What sizes of Garden Rooms do you offer?

We have 10 designs and quite a few sizes available but we can design buildings, which are completely bespoke, and as such we can build to any size or indeed shape to suit your requirements. There are regulations to adhere to when they reach a certain size but our team can advise on all of this and design your building to any necessary specification.

How will my Garden Room be constructed?

At RA Gardens Rooms we pride ourselves in our superior construction techniques. Our Garden Rooms are built to the highest specification using SIPS panels (structural insulated panels) and come fully insulated.

Do I need to prepare the area in advance?

It is not necessary to prepare the area prior to our arrival; it all depends on what you would like us to do. We offer a complete service, we are able to remove any existing buildings and all the necessary ground works will be completed as part of the project.

What will my Garden Room feel like inside?

Due to the way in which we build our Garden Rooms, it will feel as comfortable as your house. Warm, quiet, relaxing and high quality. The attention to detail means that the finish is absolutely first class.

Can I have running water in my Garden Room?

Yes you can, although a wastewater connection will require signing off by building control. We can arrange this the installation itself is straightforward.

Do I need to provide a power supply?

Yes but we can arrange it is necessary. RA Garden Rooms undertake all internal
electrics in the Garden Room itself and if you would prefer us to organise the mains connection, we can through one of our trusted partners.

How will my Garden Room be heated?

During the site survey phase, we will determine what you intend to use the building for and therefore what you will require in terms of heating. We supply a 1.5kw heater with all our rooms as standard but popular options include electric radiators, under floor heating and air conditioning. We will explore all of these options with you and present you with all the relevant solutions.

Will I be able to use my Garden Room in the winter?

Absolutely! Our buildings are insulated to the highest standard and are comfortable to use all year round. In most cases our Garden Rooms are significantly more energy efficient than the home itself.

What about decking or patios?

Our experienced team here at RA Garden Rooms can undertake all aspects of your project to offer a complete service. We have finished a great many of our Garden Rooms with decking patios, hard landscaping, flower bed, paths etc. We work with all materials and can completely restyle your entire garden if required.

How close can I build to my boundary?

A Garden Room can be built right up against the boundary. Depending on the overall size of the building there can be some regulations that will need to be adhered to but it is a simple process, which we take care of.

Will my Garden Room be covered by a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 10-year structural guarantee as standard on all completed Garden Rooms.

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